For Clients

Attention To Detail Starts Here

Identic takes service delivery as its primary goal. To our clients, we offer a new breed of recruitment. There are many elements of recruitment that create a wave of caution to clients. We deliver truly individual and unique solutions not only to the client, but to every single job role. No role is the same and no candidate is the same.

We take our time to learn about our clients, we want to understand your business so we can tailor our approach to getting the right candidate for the role.

Each industry specialisation is headed up by experienced consultants with a background in that area. When we discuss with our clients, their needs, we like to understand and call on our own expertise to offer advice and guidance when selecting candidates.


When recruiting permanent resources, it is paramount to ensure that they hold all the required skills without compromise. Identic simplifies this process for you as we only provide the CVs that match what you are specifically looking for, whilst not bombarding you with any more than three CVs at any one time unless requested to do so. We manage the entire search and selection process and have access to candidates that normal recruitment companies cannot find. That comes from many years of experience within that industry utilising an in-depth network.

When Identic is involved, we believe in working in partnership with our clients, we want to ensure our permanent placements are an exact fit. Ensuring they fit your business like a glove.

From the outset, we will come in and get a thorough understanding of your business, profile staff that already deliver results and then create the ideal candidate with your involvement. From then we will deliver candidates that not only fit, but exceed that expectation.

Managed Services

Sometimes, it is easier to hand over recruitment to Identic. Whether you or your company lacks the time, money, knowledge, or resources, Identic can help. We can manage all your requirements by liaising with your business on a personal level, either with an on-site presence or remotely – whichever suits you best. All advertising campaigns, referencing, short listing, skills testing and much more can also be undertaken by Identic for your benefit.

The journey begins with speaking to our team and with us getting a thorough understanding of your business needs and expectations. As with our permanent solution, we carry out in-depth profiling to ensure the fit is perfect with exceptional candidates.

Our clients’ reviews speak volume, we started working with many of our clients on a one-off basis and now deal exclusively managing their entire recruitment process. We can act as a talent management division working with you delivering a solution at an affordable rate.


Identic delivers solutions as an Interim Management agency, offering interim/temporary recruitment services across all of our functions and industries.

If you are looking for an experienced senior interim executive or board level equivalent to plug an urgent gap, support a change program or strengthen a project team then our interim recruitment service can offer you:

  • Fast Candidate shortlists from 24 to 48 hours
  • Success linked/flexible fees
  • Candidates highly vetted for the role

As a leader in interim management, all our consultants have deep sector knowledge and business experience, allowing them to understand the details of each specific assignment, helping you to shape your brief and find the right senior interim manager for you.